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If you’d like to write for NewsRevue, please make sure you have seen the show first. We accept email submissions. Please send scripts to Please make sure your name is on each page of the script.
We need songs, gags/voice overs and sketches.Songs should be parodies of famous songs. A recent example being Mammaries about the breast implant scandal to the tune of Johnny Mathis’ classic Memories.
Please note that the company reserve the right to edit your scripts. If any of your scripts are selected for inclusion in the show you will be added to our official list of writers and will be emailed the weekly running order. Profit share payment is sent at the end of each six week run. Complimentary tickets for writers are available.
Directors, Musical Directors and Performers
We assemble a new company every 7 weeks and need a new director, musical director and 4 cast members, 2 female, 2 male for each run. Each run lasts for 6 weeks. The first week of rehearsal is from Monday to Friday. Once the show is up and running it is rehearsed every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 12 noon to 6pm. Show nights are Thursdays to Saturdays from 9.30pm and 9pm on Sundays. The running time of the show varies between 50 to 60 minutes.
Directors must have at least one professional directing credit, ideally some background in comedy, a knowledge of current affairs and an aptitude for working under pressure given that a show comprising approximately 40 songs, gags and sketches needs to be put together in 8 days! The show is up-dated on a weekly basis and re-teched/dressed every Thursday. If you think you fit the bill, we’d love to hear from you. Please email CV’s to
Musical Directors
MD’s are an integral part of NewsRevue. In addition to arranging harmonies for the cast, they are also required to provide piano accompaniment for the actors on stage and to choose and play appropriate musical links between the songs and sketches. Please email your CV’s to
Chortle described being in NewsRevue as ‘A rite of passage for all comedy newcomers’. Your chances of being cast will greatly improve if you see the show prior to auditioning.
The audition is demanding but hopefully also fun!
1)You will be required to sing an entertaining song acapella – (1 verse and a chorus – if you wish you can re-write an existing song but this is by no means a pre-requisite).
2)You will then be asked to read from a piece of a text which will be available to you before you go in for your audition. The panel will ask you to demonstrate the accents listed on your CV.
3) You will then be asked to read from the same text whilst impersonating people in the public eye such as David Cameron, Boris Johnson, Jeremy Paxman, Graham Norton, the Queen, Cheryl Cole, Katie Jordan etc.
4) A couple of improvisations.
5) A short interview
In short you will need to be able to sing, carry out basic choreography, have a very good memory for learning lines in a short space of time, be up to date on current affairs, have a proven interest and ideally experience in comedy, be a team player and in good health as the show requires a huge amount of dedication, energy and hard work – the rewards of which are great.
Audition dates: We advertise throughout the year via Spotlight and Casting Call Pro.
Remuneration. Profit share, paid on a weekly basis.
The Edinburgh Company
Each year we take a ‘Best of the Year’ show to the Pleasance, for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.
Inclusion in this prestigious company is by invitation only. The producers make a shortlist of the outstanding performers from the London shows in the year prior to the festival and then the short-listed actors are invited to take part in a group audition, which usually consists of 5/6 female and 5/6 male actors. Successful participants will take part in a 2 week London preview season in July at the Canal Cafe Theatre before heading up to Edinburgh for the month of August. (Travel, accommodation and a fee are provided).
Outstanding directors are short-listed and asked to provide a written document of their ideas for the Edinburgh show.