Run 5, 2004

Christopher Hale (Director)
Trained at LAMDA, Christopher has appeared twice on Channel 4’s ‘Make My Day’, twice at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, twice in the background on feature films, and once at the Greenwich Playhouse in ‘Ines de Castro’. He can also be seen regularly performing with Montage Musical Theatre Troupe at venues across the London area. Christopher is a staff writer for ‘NewsRevue’ and has previously appeared in the cast. Having previously staged Patrick Hamilton’s ‘Rope’ and a self-penned pantomime, the show now marks his professional directing debut. He can be contacted via his agents, Nonexistent & How.

Tom Carradine (Musical Director)
Tom didn’t train at the Royal College of Music, instead opting for the 1960’s monstrosity around the corner (Imperial College) where he recently completed a degree in Biochemistry with a Year in Industry and Management. Being totally unemployable he opted for a career in theatre. Whilst at university Tom was involved as a performer and musical director with the New London Opera Group, Imperial College Musical Theatre Society, Imperial Opera and the University of London Opera Group. His MD credits include The Mikado, Little Shop of Horrors, Lolanthe, Something’s Afoot, Personals, A Swell Party and Grease. This run marks Tom’s third outing with NewsRevue, having stepped into the breach on two previous occasions (both with only a few hours notice). He hopes that the nine days of rehearsals makes a difference to his performance! As a party trick he can sing selections from Les Misérables in German. He doesn’t get invited to parties much.

Jennifer Page (Performer)
Jennifer graduated from Rose Bruford College last June. Since then she has appeared as Eva in ‘The Happiness Compartment’ at the Greenwich Playhouse, performed as Dorothy in ‘The Wizard of Oz’ at the Red Brick Theatre, played Mary Gallagher in ‘Once a Catholic’ at the Barons Court Theatre, and now finds herself playing numerous characters in ‘NewsRevue’. Jennifer desperately wanted to write a funny biog like her fellow actors but was unable to think of anything witty or clever to say.

Laura Checkley (Performer)
Laura graduated from Mountview Academy of Performing Arts in April 2003 and was jammy enough to land a part in the national tour of ‘The Boyfriend’. Straight from that she was fluky enough to go into ‘Brenda Bly Teen Detective’ at the Bridewell. She then successfully hit the bottle after a spurt of unemployment, but was alas found wandering the streets (by the director) believing herself to be Lorraine Kelly. Laura would like to thank the producers, director and other actors for having her - literally!

Simon Balcon (Performer)
Trained at Drama Studio London, his theatre credits include Demetrius in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, and Antonio in ‘Twelfth Night’ for the Cambridge Shakespeare Company, Templeton the Rat (good casting!) in ‘Charlotte’s Web’ for Yellowbelly Theatre Company, and several schools tours for Kinetic Theatre and Ape Theatre. This time last year he was at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival playing Todd Hockney in a stage version of ‘The Usual Suspects’. Don’t ask. Actually as most of Simon’s experience is either classical or children’s theatre he isn’t really qualified to appear in a cutting edge satirical show like ‘NewsRevue’ – somebody call security!

Steven Tagg (Performer)
Stephen graduated from Mountview Academy of Performing Arts in April 2003 and promptly did sod all for a bit. Depression hit hard, but then he filmed a couple of ads for the telly, which perked him up a bit. Now things aren’t half bad really. He became involved with NewsRevue because the director couldn’t find anyone else at the time, and Steven can sing a bit and do some funny voices. Steven is northern.