Run 6, 2004

Christopher Hale (Director)
Christopher trained at LAMDA, where roles included Ramble in The London Cuckolds and Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet. Christopher has appeared twice on Channel 4’s Make My Day, twice at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, twice in the background of feature films, and once at the Greenwich Playhouse in Ines de Castro. He can also be seen regularly performing with Montage Musical Theatre Troupe at venues across the London area. Previous directing credits are Patrick Hamilton’s Rope and a self-penned pantomime. Christopher is a staff writer for NewsRevue and has previously appeared in the cast. This is his second stint as director of the show. In a row. They were clearly desperate.

Phil Lunn (Musical Director)
Philip is the one whose hair you can see just poking above the piano. He has to stay on stage for the full show. Not like those actors, those layabouts who sit there in the dressing room for half the time. They wouldn’t know hard work if it had hit them on the head with a big sign saying ‘hard work”. But ask them if they think they have much to do, and, oh, they’ll go on so much…[cut by editor] PS. Applications for the newly vacated post of Musical Director to start immediately.

David Haworth (Performer)
David graduated from LAMDA this July. His credits there included John in My Night With Reg and the Pathé Announcer in A Million Hearts for Mosley, a fun filled fascist opera for all of the family by Peter Morris. Since leaving, his theatre credits include Pozzo in Waiting for Godot at the Cockpit Theatre and some rubbish Shakespeare in a sand pit in Colliers Wood. David can’t sing, can’t dance and can’t really do silly voices. Actually he’s not very funny at all. Maybe he shouldn’t be in NewsRevue after all. Oh well – there’s always a career in tap dancing, I suppose.

Jane Lesley (Performer)
Jane trained at Arts Ed, London. Since leaving her theatre work includes a little of everything from panto to Shakespeare. Favourite jobs include Time and Time Again (Eye Theatre), Mr Cinders, The Arcadians and Listen to the Wind (all King’s Head), Chasing Dolphins (Churchill, Bromley), No Time For Sequins (Nuffield, Southampton), Howard Brenton’s Gum and Goo (Italy), First Witch in Macbeth (Strae Theatre) and Banquo in thigh-length boots in Macbeth and the Beanstalk (Pleasance Theatre). For TV she created the role of Caitlin in Night Kitchen and played Susan in Coming to England for the BBC. She recently ran around Shepperton like Lara Croft shooting the motion capture for the computer game DRIV3R and was smothered in chocolate sauce in a music video for the band Jonny Quality. Jane is a regular performer in The Treason Show at the Komedia, Brighton.

Nathaniel Tapley (Performer)
Natt did not train anywhere. Because he’s lazy. He performed in 19 plays while at Oxford, including playing Hamlet ‘Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead’, which he says (wrongly) counts. Since then he has worked in many of London’s seediest comedy venues in the sketch shows ‘Insult to Injury’ and ‘The Worlds of Nathaniel and Tobias’. He has also appeared in BBC Radio 4’s ‘Afternoon Play’ and has played various roles in CBBC’s ‘Xchange’. He won the 2003 NISI MASA Screenwriting Award and the NAPALM Screenwriting competition 2002.

Zoe S. Battley (Performer)
Zoe trained at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama – a while ago now…She began her glittering career with some T.I.E, traveling the country in a white van with two morons. She then went on to appear in exciting commercials, such as “ASDA” and “Barclays Bank” and numerous corporate videos. She has also appeared with some C-list celebs in the No.1 tour “Business Affairs”. What an eye opener that was…In between all that she’s done a bit of tele, and a film for the BBC. Last year she did the Edinburgh Festival thing, and did a most excellent show called “Committed Exhibitionists”. It was very funny and she was ok.