Run 7, 2018

Emily Jane Kerr (Director)
Emily is a professional pretender. An actor, singer, writer, director and improviser; you could say she’s a jack of trades (hopefully not a master of none). After performing in NewsRevue earlier this year, Emily is thrilled that they’ve let her direct the show. A regular collaborator with award-winning, sell-out Shakespeare for Breakfast; Emily is equally at home performing in musicals, writing comedy and speaking in the third person. Emily improvises with The Corporation. To find out more, including what she had for breakfast, follow her on Twitter: @emjkerr.

Chris Thomson (Musical Director)
Who is he? This mysterious man with the fingers that bounce ‘pon the keys of black and white in a succession so swift and tuneful? ‘Tis Chris. He's been about the business for a while; music, acting, writing... he does all sorts. You might know his face from Shakespeare for Breakfast, or his fresh notes from Norris and Parker: See You At The Gallows. He’s delighted to be here. Enjoy his sounds tonight, and the sight of his forhead floating atop the piano. Twitter: @Chris_Thomson_

Brett Sinclair (Performer)
Brett Sinclair trained at The London College of Music. Since graduating Brett has had a wonderful year and at 23 is very happy to have finally grown some (questionable) facial hair. Brett is absolutely thrilled to be part of NewsRevue! Credits include: Carmen 1808 (Union Theatre) Peter Pan (Guildhall Arts Centre), Bat Boy (London College of Music), Britain's Got Talent - Semi Finalist, Collaborative Orchestra (ITV) Share your thoughts: @brettsinclairr

Oliver Byng (Performer)
Oliver is hoping that appearing in NewsRevue will improve his love life; below is his dating profile, enquire within. “Friends call me Byng, 5’9, Capricorn with my Moon in Taurus, Rising in Leo, my Venus in Aquarius and Mars is Cancer. If you’re wondering why I’m so funny it’s because I used to be fifteen stone.”

Samantha Clinch (Performer)
Samantha trained at LAMDA and with The National Youth Theatre, where she didn't meet Sophie or Oliver. She then went on to train at Drama Studio, close to Brett, but not close enough. Since graduating she has worked in Theatre, Film, Radio, Commercial, Voice Over and Hand Modelling. Yes, she will happily discuss all the things she's touched, after the show. Samantha is overjoyed to be a part of NewsRevue and to have finally met Sophie, Oliver and Brett.

Sophie Mcquillan (Performer)
Sophie is taking a break from a hectic schedule as Blake Lively’s body double, whilst starring alongside Meryl Streep in the latest adaptation of Macbeth to try roughing it alongside her fellow members of NewRevue. She is hoping this will allow her insight into the mind of a fresh graduate trying to ‘Make it Happen’ as well as allowing her to pay rent, eat and pursue Oliver Byng.*
*NB: only one of the above is true, you can find her @Soph_Mcquillan not @Blakelivelybod