Praise for NewsRevue 2017

★★★★★ I cannot remember ever having been sadder to see the performers come forward for their bows at the end; if there’s anything the too-short hour taught me, it’s that NewsRevue 2017 means an hour of pure joy. - Fringe Guru 

★★★★★ The cast of NewsRevue are genuinely astonishing. Ed Fringe Review – Charlotte Lock

★★★★★ NewsRevue stuffs a year of political disappointment into an hour of complete hilarity. Ed Fringe Review – Kathryn Tann

★★★★★ It’s no surprise that it’s a packed house for News Revue, as this Fringe staple is a guaranteed fun packed fast paced hour. - One4Review

A standard setter…the quartet bounced from sketch to sketch with breathtaking speed…another absolute humdinger of a show…Professional, precise and pitch perfect. -
FringeReview Highly Recommended Show

★★★★ Incredibly funny…superbly performed -

★★★★ A breath of fresh air - Theatre Bubble

★★★★ In times like these, we need shows like NewsRevue more than ever. Long may NewsRevue continue. - Bite-Sized Theatre

★★★★ The variety is excellent, the material top notch, the satire as cutting as ever… Long may NewsRevue continue. - Pocket Size Theatre

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★★★★★ Changes horrible 2016 into horribly funny 2016 – One4Review

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★★★★ Tooth-achingly talented cast 2016 – Theatre Bubble

Sensational! 2016 – Sky News

★★★★★ ‘Almost certainly the most slick and professional show that you will see at the Fringe this year… you won’t find better value than this in the whole of Edinburgh this month.’ Broadway Baby

★★★★★ ‘Always one of the quickest hours on the Fringe, yet one that is a ‘must’ see each and every year. I am already looking forward to next years.’ One4Review

★★★★★ ‘Snap up a ticket to NewsRevue 2014 soon before you miss out.’ Backstage

★★★★ ‘Some of the humour is affectionate, a little is uncomfortable, but mostly it’s good, cutting fun, with constant guffaws and giggles from the packed Pleasance Beyond.’ The Scotsman

★★★★ ‘Talented and versatile…this NewsRevue keeps it current and daft – and above all, laugh-out-loud funny.’ Postscript

★★★★ ‘Brilliantly funny!’ Fringe Review

“Truly deserves its place in the Fringe hall of fame” FEST

“The packed audience were in hoots for the duration of this masterclass”

“With performers this good and material this fresh, NewsRevue 30th Anniversary truly deserves its place in the Fringe hall of fame” FEST

“Superb” British Theatre Guide

“Masters of their art” The Stage

What’s On Stage – 25 July 2001

Mark Rylance recently commented in an Evening Standard interview that actors were inherently stupid, citing their conversations about politics as proof. The men next to me in a steamy midsummer night’s canal café said he’d heard that theatre folk were generally a nice lot. Yes warned his girlfriend but they can be bitchy. Somewhere in all that lies the essence of the brilliant Newsrevue.

For the past twenty-one years an ever-changing group of writers, directors and performers have met to pull together a topical cabaret for the following weekend. Some of the most talented artists I’ve ever worked with have cut their teeth on this tiny stage in Little Venice. It requires Herculean levels of talent and stamina to make it work and this twenty-first anniversary production, previewing before Edinburgh REALLY works.

It’s a tatty looking affair, four plastic garden chairs in front of a stained old curtain and yet the performances and writing are so spot on it’s far funnier and sharper then anything you can currently see on TV. Anne Robinson is ruthlessly sent up in a pastiche of Here’s to you Mrs Robinson, world leaders take a turn in the Mastermind chair, John Major and William Hague reinterpret you were always on my mind as I was always undermined, Barry George, Jill Dando’s murderer, finally gets his chance to be Freddie Mercury when his trial is restaged as a version of Bohemian Rhapsody, there’s heartfelt musical lament for BSE Take a look at me cow and a glorious micky take of Essex girl Denise Van Outen in Chicago. Individual writers aren’t credited but there are sharper lyrics here then anything you’ll find in modern West End musicals.

The versatile female performers Emma Thornett & Laura Donaghey take on everyone from the queen to John Prescott, handsome Sean McCann is a wonderful mimic and Stuart Piper is quite simply a major star in waiting.

Overheard on the way out – 1st American girl: Some of that when right over my head. 2nd: You have to remember we’re not from here and we’re also not very bright. Excellent!”


Scots FM – August 2001

Okay, so the format has worked for 20 years already, so why break up a proven winning formula? Why indeed, when there is a stunningly talented cast as there is this year. I’ve been a fan of Newsrevue for ages and these are as good, if not better, than the previous line-ups I’ve seen.

This quartet of satirists take the unmerciful mickey out of one and all. Royals, footballers TV personalities and of course MP’s were all treated with equal ‘Political Incorrectness’ be they New Labour, Old Tories or indeterminate Liberal Democrats, they all felt the full force of this foursomes fun making.

The telling thing for me that raised this show to an even higher level than it’s predecessors, were their parodies of popular songs, substituting their own lyrics which provided an excellent vehicle for their undoubted vocal talents and more than passable dancing.

The highlights? It is almost unfair to single out any part of this excellent production, but if pushed I Don’t think I’ll ever listen to Bohemian Rhapsody, It’s Raining Men or Mrs. Robinson in the same way ever again.

So grab your ticket whilst you still can. And me? I’m looking forward to see if they can top this next year. It’ll be difficult !!!!!

This show is a bitingly funny look at the world of personalities and current affairs through the mediums of impressions, song and dance. Don’t miss it!!

“Cleverly Choreographed… Delightfully performed”
Three Weeks, 2001

“Excellent… Newsrevue was the best it has been for years”
Musical Stages Magazine – Edinburgh Review

The Scotsman

“One of the hottest tickets”

The Scotsman

“Shocking Bad Taste”
The Evening Standard

“Very Sharp Writers”
The Guardian

Comedy Choice – The Times 2000

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