Writing for NewsRevue

If you’d like to write for NewsRevue, please make sure you have seen the show first. We accept email submissions. Please send scripts to mail@newsrevue.com. Please make sure your name is on each page of the script.
We need songs, gags/voiceovers and sketches. Songs should be parodies of famous songs.
Please note that the company reserve the right to edit your scripts. If any of your scripts are selected for inclusion in the show you will be added to our official list of writers and will be emailed the weekly running order. Profit share payment is sent at the end of each six-week run. Complimentary tickets for writers are available on Thursdays and Sundays (Please note we cannot give plus ones).

A note from a regular writer:
‘I’ve been writing for NewsRevue for many years now but I still get a huge buzz every time I see one of my sketches or songs being performed in the show! 
You definitely can’t be precious about your writing – you might spend hours working on something that then doesn’t get used. Equally though, you may knock something up in five minutes that runs for months. 
My advice would be: Always make sure you have a strong punchline (often I start with the punchline and work backwards), try and find a unique angle on the news story (eg. Theresa May on Dragon’s Den or a ‘Bed and Brexit’), if you’re writing a song make sure it’s a tune that people will instantly recognise and lastly make sure you go and see NewsRevue!! It makes it so much easier to write for it when you know how it works as a show.’ 
Mark Collier